Featured Services


Staging consultation

We do a Walk and Talk Consultation with the home owner and/or listing agent and give full room by room written report with all necessary recommendations on cosmetic fixes, furniture placement, and actual staging advice to get the property in market-ready condition.

Starting from $250


Vacant property staging

A vacant staging is to stage an unoccupied property in which we supply all the furniture, artwork and accessories. Price varies by the size, number of rooms, wall space, style of design and etc. 

Starting from $1500


occupied property staging

An occupied staging is to stage a property using primarily the homeowner’s furnishings. We may bring in accessories and/or a few key pieces of furniture depending on the condition and style of the owner's furnishings and our entire design plan agreed upon by owner and/or listing agent.

Price will depend on the amount of furniture/accessories and the actual work time needed to complete the staging. An accurate quote will be provided after an initial consultation. 


Partner Referral

If ever you need assistance during the preparation time, we always have trusted and professional industry partners to refer, which is including movers, cleaners, organizers, painters, handymen, storage and so on.